The Möll Universe

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Andri Möll

I Am Curiosity

Tell me more about machines.

Tell me about programming languages and system administrating. Tell me about lambda calculus, lazy evaluation and complexity. Tell me if JavaScript is just imperative Scheme. Tell me why Ruby is just Perl without braces.

Tell me about the devops hype and /usr/local. Tell me how people forget ip6tables when setting up firewalls. Tell me about Zsh.

Tell me more about design.

Tell me how graphical looks are different from experience. Tell me how graphical looks affect usability. Then tell me if usability is user experience.

Tell me more about the paradox of choice. Tell me about exceptional service and how fast response times don’t equal good service.

Tell me why good ideas from 33 years ago still haven’t made it. Then tell me why Photoshop is just so slow. Tell me why designers are obessed with ampersands.

Tell me more about life.

Tell me more about Zen and musical things. Tell me who am I and why is there Ab and H.

Tell me how people in democratic republics believe the universe is monarchical. Tell me why people believe weird things.

Ad infinitum.

I Am Choices

HTML5 vs Native

HTML5 over native

Ruby vs Java

Ruby over Java

JavaScript vs Ruby

JavaScript over Ruby

Unix vs NT

Unix over NT

Vim vs Emacs

Vim over Emacs

K&R vs BSD

K&R over BSD

Salad vs Beer

Salad over Beer

I Am Deeds

Monday Calendar

I’m making a new and a better calendar that combines your todos, meetings and social events in an awesome way.

There's software out there that's bureaucratic and less convenient than paper. Ugh. That's why Monday's built to make your life easier in a humane way. Try it out.

Tallinn HTML5 Meetup

I started the Estonian web dev meetup in 2011 for fellow web developers to meet, chat and share the latest webapp coding intel. We’ve now got more than 200 members.

If you're ever in Estonia, definitely come and join us.

I Am Here

Tell me about you.

Let me tell you about me.